Historic home at dusk with light emanating from every glass window.

Tischler und Sohn (U.S.A) Ltd began in 1984 out of a desire to bring quality, German-engineered windows to our founder’s private residence in Greenwich, CT. The import of our products into the USA was perfectly timed, as the desire for our custom and reliable mahogany windows and doors grew rapidly. Entering the market with a European turn-and-tilt product, with adjustable perimeter multi-point locking hardware, its exceptional performance gained recognition. The uncommon and uncompromising quality that was delivered led to numerous waterfront homes in the New England area.

By 1992, Tischler und Sohn expanded its line to fill a need for impact-resistant product after the devastation in Florida following Hurricane Andrew. As one of the first companies to successfully complete a test program for hurricane-certified wood windows and doors, we became pioneers in a new and developing impact market. Relying once again on our push for innovation and quality, over the years we have engineered and successfully certified some of the largest wood window and door approvals that meet Miami-Dade County and Florida Building Code requirements. We remain a market leader in this area over 30 years later.

Anticipating and meeting the demands of modern architecture, Tischler und Sohn now collaborates with production partners to offer additional product lines manufactured from solid steel, aluminum and stainless steel. With these partnerships we continue to innovate and provide customized windows and doors for the residential and commercial market.