Contemporary architecture with large blocky, hurricane-resistant windows from Tischler. Impact rated products are wood.

Engineered for coastal living

Tischler und Sohn offers some of the largest, impact rated wood windows and doors. Engineered and tested since the formation of Florida code certification, our units can withstand windspeeds up to 190 mph, meeting the most stringent requirements. And for coastal locations with milder climates, we offer specialized solutions as well.

Construction for Performance

At Tischler und Sohn, all corners of our wood product are made with mortise and tenon construction. We incorporate a corrosion resistant, perimeter locking hardware system on all four sides of the product to ensure the sashes are pressed evenly into the frames. Our gasket is a one-piece neoprene seal, which can be removed for general maintenance. Together, these components achieve excellent performance for air and water. In addition, our wood units have been tested to a wind design pressure of +70/-85 psf to ensure their durability in inclement weather.

For projects where severe weather is a concern, such as those living in a High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ), we offer a full range of hurricane-resistant windows and doors. As one of the first wood window companies to successfully test for Miami-Dade hurricane impact certification, we have been a market leader in the sector, certifying some of the largest impact approvals on the market.

Our impact rated glass is also available in several configurations with various levels of Low Emittance, solar control, and/or low iron to achieve the target requirements for any project.

Tropical storm weather pushes over palm trees. The sky is grey and grim.

Custom Design – Impact Turtle Glass

When Peter Gilgan began designing his net-zero energy residence in Florida, he wanted a type of turtle-safe glass that didn’t exist -so we invented it. The result was a completely new product that met Florida impact and environmental requirements, thus ensuring the safety of sea turtle hatchlings and preserving the coastal view for the client. 

Our product design is a collaborative process and we are willing and able to custom-engineer to meet unique project requirements. Share your vision with us and experience the full customization that Tischler und Sohn has to offer.

Our Service Process

01 Sales & Estimation

From initial contact with Tischler und Sohn, you are matched with a Sales Advisor who will answer any questions you may have and coordinate with our team to provide your estimation. As necessary, estimates are supported with shop drawings and integrated installation details to provide clarity on any design customizations.

This interactive stage of a project will help establish the requirements of the job and how Tischler can meet or exceed them.

02 Project Management & Engineering

Once a project is contracted, you will work closely with an experienced Tischler und Sohn Project Manager for our shop drawing approval process. They will collaborate with our full production team to make your experience as seamless as possible.

03 Expert Installation

All Tischler und Sohn installations are performed by experienced technicians and carpenters -all of whom are dedicated to installing your custom units in a timely and effective manner.

04 Inspection & Continuing Service

Prior to the client moving into the residence, Tischler und Sohn includes a dedicated trip from our service technicians to perform a final adjustment and inspection of the products.

Our service department also offers annual maintenance and inspection contracts to ensure the units are always operating smoothly.

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