Design Features

Tischler offers unique design features in all of different product types. Every project has many different requirements, from wood and glazing, to internal and external hardware. Tischler combines all these specific elements to suit each project for the ultimate satisfaction of the client.

Design Features

› Style

› Fanlight Profile

› Hinges

› Glass

› Symmetrical Astragal

› Finish

› Profile

› Wood

› Threshold


Unique Selling Points

Developed for improved performance and outstanding design.

› Hinges

› Sprosse 22

› Concealed Hairline Joints

› Symmetrical Astragal

› Premium Laminate

› Bodyguard Hinge

› Split Wood

› Bronze Thresholds

› Interior Glazing Bar and Frame Without Caulking

› High Wind Zip Screen

› Anti-Drill Protection (embedded steel)

› Concealed Metal Glass Stop

› Vent Locks

› Threshold Section: Bronze Tilt / Turn at Window

› Threshold Section: High Capacity Rain Guard

› Threshold Section: Bronze Tilt / Turn at Door


Visible Hinges


Visible Hinges (Inswing/Outswing)

› Standard No. 01 Small Sashes

› Standard No. 01

› No. 02

› No. 03

› No. 04

› No. 05

› No. -6

› No. 07 (Inswing Only)

Finish Options

› Standard Finish, Brushed Stainless Steel (not 7), Inswing/Outswing

› Polished Stainless Steel (not 7), Inswing/Outswing

› Nickel Brushed Stainless Steel, Inswing

› Nickel Polished Stainless Steel, Inswing

› Oil Rubbed Bronze PVD on Stainless Steel

› Bronze PVD on Stainless Steel

› Bronze PVD



All units are shipped with standard construction hardware from the factory to facilitate installation. After installation, construction hardware may then be replaced with upgraded handles available through Tischler or other companies that can provide many different styles.

Tischler can provide full project management in coordination of other manufacturers’ products with our internal locking mechanism.

› Cremone Bolts

› Symmetrical Stile – Handle on Astragal

› Sash Lock / Sash Lift

› Operable Sash Stop

Concealed Hardware

› Motorized Transom Operation

› Bodyguard Hinge (max. security and load)

› Security Locking Bolts

› Motorized Transom Operation with Security Locks and Contacts

› left: E-Look, zinc nickel coated, Saltspray Test after 1128 hrs.

right: titanium-silver, galvanized, Saltspray Test after 408 hrs.

› Bodyguard Hinge with Bronze Threshold



FINISH COATS Our proprietary five-step process results in superior surface finish quality. We can produce virtually any finish color to match our client‘s design.

FINISHING The finishes of all frames and additional components have a 3-layer acrylic resin based paint. Primer, Base Coat and Top Coat have all been specifically developed for Tischler products.

› 5 Step Finish Process: Standing, Watering, Priming, Base Coat, Top Coat

› Excerpt of the Farrow & Ball Colours system.
There are 256 other colors available.

› Split Finish: exterior finish:
mint green / interior finish white

› Finish Coats: water based acrylic system.
Stain (1-8) as per
TISCHLER specifications. Primer per
DIN EN 152 (part 1) in accordance to
DIN 68 800 (part 3). Custom stain
colors are also possible.

Finish Quality

The Duraflex stain finish Akzo Nobel was developed specifically for Tischler to provide lasting protection for our wood units in the harshest climates. We have proven the uncompromising durability of our windows and doors all over the world – from the tropical Atlantic and Carribean to icy Moscow in -40°F Russian winters.

1. HEAT As wood dries and loses moisture it shrinks, but the flexible paint film does not crack.

2. RAIN As the wood takes on moisture it swells. The flexible paint film stretches to cope with this movement and its permeability allows controlled drying of the timber.

3. HAILSTONES Improved flexibility reduces the formation of micro-cracks.

4. SUNSHINE The UV light is absorbed by the translucent coating leaving the coating and the wood undamaged.

5. ICE AND SNOW Even at low temperatures, the paint film remains flexible and it’s permeability ensures well balanced moisture equilibrium as well.


Passive Security Package

P4A Glass in combination with concealed metal glass stops and security locking hardware protect the window against forced physical entry.

› 10.4mm Laminated P4A Glazing

› Safety Locking Plate

› Concealed Locking Bolts


Active Security Package

If desired, the concealed components integrate with the Alarm System to activate in the case of forced entry — without detracting from the appearance of the unit.

› Concealed Alarm Spider

› Concealed Metal Alarm Loop

› Concealed Alarm Contacts

Stainless Steel

We use stainless steel to reinforce glass and hardware in our units.

› Optional steel drill protection plates prevent an intruder from drilling through the handle to gain access.

› Optional steel panel protection plates ensure an intruder cannot cut through glass panes at sash or muntin.

Bullet-Resistance (DIN EN 1522)

› DIN EN 1522 category FB1 gun calibre .22 LR distance 10m, 3 hits

› DIN EN 1522 category FB2 firearm 9mm Luger distance 5m, 3 hits.

› DIN EN 1522 category FB3 firearm calibre .357 Magnum distance 5m, 3 hits

› DIN EN 1522 category FB4 firearm calibre .44 Magnum distance 5m, 3 hits.