All units are shipped with standard construction hardware from the factory to facilitate installation. After installation, construction hardware may then be replaced with upgraded handles available through Tischler or other companies that can provide many different styles.

Tischler can provide full project management in coordination of other manufacturers’ products with our internal locking mechanism.

› Cremone Bolts

› Symmetrical Stile – Handle on Astragal

› Sash Lock / Sash Lift

› Operable Sash Stop

Concealed Hardware

› Motorized Transom Operation

› Bodyguard Hinge (max. security and load)

› Security Locking Bolts

› Motorized Transom Operation with Security Locks and Contacts

› left: E-Look, zinc nickel coated, Saltspray Test after 1128 hrs.

right: titanium-silver, galvanized, Saltspray Test after 408 hrs.

› Bodyguard Hinge with Bronze Threshold