Passive Security Package

P4A Glass in combination with concealed metal glass stops and security locking hardware protect the window against forced physical entry.

› 10.4mm Laminated P4A Glazing

› Safety Locking Plate

› Concealed Locking Bolts


Active Security Package

If desired, the concealed components integrate with the Alarm System to activate in the case of forced entry — without detracting from the appearance of the unit.

› Concealed Alarm Spider

› Concealed Metal Alarm Loop

› Concealed Alarm Contacts

Stainless Steel

We use stainless steel to reinforce glass and hardware in our units.

› Optional steel drill protection plates prevent an intruder from drilling through the handle to gain access.

› Optional steel panel protection plates ensure an intruder cannot cut through glass panes at sash or muntin.

Bullet-Resistance (DIN EN 1522)

› DIN EN 1522 category FB1 gun calibre .22 LR distance 10m, 3 hits

› DIN EN 1522 category FB2 firearm 9mm Luger distance 5m, 3 hits.

› DIN EN 1522 category FB3 firearm calibre .357 Magnum distance 5m, 3 hits

› DIN EN 1522 category FB4 firearm calibre .44 Magnum distance 5m, 3 hits.