Wood-Sipo Mahogany

In contrast to metals and other synthetic building materials, wood is a natural material, unaltered in its composition. At Tischler und Sohn, we apply all our expertise to source and process the highest grade of timber. We have carefully selected Sipo Mahogany to manufacture largescale windows and doors.

Use of this specific species combination with the quality standards of our manufacturing, guarantees the functionality and longevity of the Tischler product.

› A Sipo Mahogany trunk at a storage facility in Germany, where a first in-depth inspection takes place. Only round trunks, as seen here, can naturally ensure long-term stability.

› Oval shaped trunks are evidence that the tree grew on a slope and thus had to counterbal ance the subpar location resulting in an asymmetrical grain structure and core.

› Upon being sawn open, the trunks are stored on smaller slats allowing the natural drying process to begin. All Tischler und Sohn products with premium laminates have a drying cycle of 12 months. This step is critical since a slower and gentler drying process results in minimal torsion and discoloration of the finished product.

› The duration of our drying process depends on the thickness of the cut boards. Rule of thumb: 10mm wood thickness = 3 month natural air drying. Upon completion of the natural drying process, the boards are handselected and sorted by thickness, then kilndried specific to their thicknesses.

› In the kiln, the wood is gently dried to the specific moisture level of the region where it will be installed. The desired level of moisture content in the wood is therefore largely dependent on the local climate – for example, high in Florida and low in Moscow.

› After the drying procedure, all boards are inspected for even the slightest of cracks. Only flawless trunks with an even and linear grain pattern are passed. This guarantees that only the finest materials end up being used in the manufacturing process.


Our wood lamination is designed to counteract warping. Windows and doors face vastly different climates on the exterior versus the interior of a unit, resulting in different moisture levels inside versus outside. The drier side of the wood will naturally shrink and the more moist side will swell. Therefore, windows are made of solid wood, this change in volume will occur over the entire cross section, warping the windows and making item inoperable.

To counteract this, our products are laminated out of three distinct slats, using our proprietary process. In laminates, the moisture differential occurs in the two surface slats. Extra durable glue joints prevent the contrary volume change of these surface slats from spreading throughout the entire cross section.

Second, the glue joints are moisture barriers, maintaining the original moisture level intended. Third, we select the grain structure of the surface slats such that only a minimal volume change is possible, by using slats with only vertical grain, presorted before lamination. A process unique to Tischler und Sohn.

At Tischler we only incorporate high quality materials. This distinguishes our product from other manufacturers. For example using our exclusive premium wood laminate, we can achieve door heights of over 13 feet.

› Common laminates:
• Made from imported slats
• Unsorted
• A low quality product

› Tischler Premium laminates:
• Produced from selected trunks
• Air-dried, then carefully kiln-dried
• Cut to our specifications
• Sorted and laminated for Tischler
• A unique high quality product


Interior Core Exterior
American White Oak American White Oak Burma Teak
American Cherry American Cherry American White Oak
Oregon Pine Burma Teak Burma Teak
Sipo Mahogany Mahogany Burma Teak
American Walnut American Walnut Burma Teak
American Maple Mahogany Sipo Mahogany
American White Oak Mahogany Sipo Mahogany
American Cherry Mahogany Sipo Mahogany
Oregon Pine Mahogany Sipo Mahogany
Burma Teak Mahogany Sipo Mahogany
American Walnut Mahogany Sipo Mahogany
American Maple American White Oak American White Oak
American Cherry American White Oak American White Oak
Oregon Pine American White Oak American White Oak
Sipo Mahogany Mahogany American White Oak
Burma Teak American White Oak American White Oak
American Walnut American White Oak American White Oak
Burma Teak Oregon Pine Oregon Pine