Retractable Windows and Doors

The Retractable system is ideal for large floor-to-ceiling glass facades looking out onto the garden, the terrace or a house’s green space. The large glass elements sink completely into the ground and open up direct access to the outside.

The glass elements can be installed as a single element with a maximum dimension of 9 3.20 m = 29′ 6″ 10′ 6″ (largest pane size). When subdivided into different elements, the largest size is 16 5 m = 52′ 6″ 16′ 5″ with a maximum weight of 6.5 tons. The frame material can be made of aluminum, wood-aluminum, wood or as a special construction matching the architectural design.

Windows and doors with varying opening functions can be integrated into the glass facade.

The pane structure provides safety and high insulation values (insulation).

The Retractable system opens the building directly to the outside by lowering the unit(s) electrically into a basement pocket. It can accommodate any type of unit — windows, French doors, curtain walls.

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